The Branch

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Relax in The Branch

Try your hand at an arcade runner game in The Branch. Rotate the stick to help your character pass branches and pick up as many coins as possible.

This game will be a great suggestion for you if you are wondering what to do in your spare time or boredom. You need to protect your character and guide them to collect coins. Help them avoid branches on the way by clicking to rotate the stick. Try to collect all coins in the locations you come across. Besides, go as far as you can to score a high score. However, be careful because you can lose at any time. If you get pushed by not avoiding the branches or crashing, you lose. You can use the coins you've earned to exchange for a new character in the select character section. Experience the cool things only in this game.

Things not to be skipped in The Branch

Some useful strategies

  • You can rotate the stick many times until you pass the obstacles.
  • You cannot always collect coins easily. Don't be too greedy or focus on collecting the coins because you might crash if you try to get them.
  • The direction of rotation of the stick is unpredictable. Therefore, rotate slowly to avoid unexpected situations.

Unlock the characters

You can use the coins which you earn to buy a new character in the select character section. To unlock a new character, you need 15 coins. There are about 30 locked characters including Batman, the old man, the boy, and so on.