Traffic Run

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Burst your day with Traffic Run

Traffic Run is an exciting 3D driving game that you should not ignore. Avoid other vehicles to reach your destination safely and earn money.

Are you afraid to move your vehicle through high-traffic areas? This game will help you overcome your fear with its fascinating challenges. First, move your car through junctions and intersections where the road is full of traffic. Press and hold the mouse to make the car go straight. Then release your hand if you want to stop your car. Note that you must avoid collisions with other vehicles. You can get extra coins if you stop in time before colliding with another vehicle at a short distance. Try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. After your car reaches the finish line, you will continue to the next level and get some coins. Do not hesitate any longer without trying this obstacle avoidance driving game.

Fascinating details about Traffic Run

What happens after each level

The levels in the game are unlimited. You can continue the game with a new challenge after you successfully conquer the previous level. New levels will have more road variety. Not only do you have to pass T-junctions, intersections, highways, and so on, but the speed of those vehicles also becomes faster. Therefore, be clever to avoid them to avoid horrible traffic accidents.

The development of the game

This is one of the attractive driving games that have been downloaded many times on platforms like Android or iOS. It was updated in May 2023 and is developed by Geisha Tokyo Entertainment. Especially, in the new launch version on mobile applications, you can upgrade your car into a police car, taxi, limousine, truck, and so on