Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle

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Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle will bring you interesting pranks

Another stickman personality is revealed in Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle. Make use of the stickman's long arms and collect items to pass the level.

Have you ever trolled anyone in real life? You can comfortably prank someone without fear of being scolded or attacked in this fun puzzle game. You will transform into a stickman. Create pranks with other stickman characters or get out of danger to complete the challenge. Use your long arm to collect items. However, note that you need to make use of the objects available in the levels. If you encounter retaliation or obstacles in the way, you will fail and have to re-level. There will be no chance for you to troll others without getting slapped outside of this game. Why not join now?

Challenges that you have to beat in Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle

You have 24 levels to pass. Each level will bring different challenges and difficulties. You need to successfully collect something to pass the level. To overcome them, you can utilize the length of your arm and the objects in the levels. Missions include rescuing another stickman, performing trolls, escaping dangerous situations, collecting items, and more. For example, you can reach over a roof, a tree, a fence, a lane, and so on. However, the level will end and you will get revenge if you bump into an obstacle or encounter the stickman you troll.