Uphill Rush 11

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Welcome to Uphill Rush 11

Cool down on hot summer days with the water race that is Uphill Rush 11. Lead your character to overcome obstacles on the water to collect coins.

If you are a fan of water sports or activities like water skiing, then this is your playground. Take action by pushing your character to the finish line safely and collect all the coins along the way. This is a crazy and wacky waterslide, so you have to crash into other people on the way to increase your coins. Besides, your character also has to overcome difficult terrains such as corners, bends, steep slopes, and so on. Sometimes, the direction of the arrow will give them the best directions. Build momentum if you want to go through difficult areas, steep slopes, or checkpoints on the road. You will lose if your character stops. If your characters stay too long with the wound on their body, the sharks will sniff it and come to eat them. After earning a lot of coins, your character can exchange your character, buy a new float, or upgrade to move faster. Try to move as fast as possible to win as many coins.

Hotspots of Uphill Rush 11

Upgrade your characters and float

You can update the character as well as your vehicle based on the hundreds of characters and floats. However, you need to pass certain levels to unlock them. You can also upgrade your float through 4 factors such as acceleration, speed, balance, and boost. You can upgrade up to 3 times for each of these elements.

All levels

In this game, the map is one of the must-sees. You can see levels lined up on a cruise ship. Completing a level you will be continued to the next level. The levels in the game will become increasingly difficult. Try to get through them all.