Uphill Rush 9

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The foundations of Uphill Rush 9

The playing rules

The sequel of the uphill rush game series Uphill Rush 9 definitely makes you observe. Ride the horse to get over the fences and back to the stables.

No more driving or riding horses to get through winding roads. In this return version, you will transform into a cowboy. You need to ride a horse to dash through crazy roads, and hurdles and collect coins on the way. You can speed up to pass the steep areas easily. Besides, you can perform beautiful swings in the air or brake your vehicle when necessary. Then take your horse through the checkpoints to the finish line easily. Your score will be higher if you run over obstacles like chickens, pumpkins, billboards, and so on. After completing a challenge, you can spend some money and continue with the next level. As you get higher, the levels will gradually increase in difficulty. Jump into the game and conquer your path in no time.

How to ride your horse

Use the UP ARROW KEY to move

Use RIGHT and LEFT ARROW KEYS to perform somersaults

Use the DOWN ARROW key to brake

Use the SPACEBAR key to accelerate

Levels you have to pass in Uphill Rush 9

You have a total of 20 levels that are arranged from simple to complex. The levels get tricky as you go up. Besides, you will lose if you fall due to hitting your head on the ground or somersaulting. Each level has 3 stars. Pass the game as fast as you can to get 3 stars.