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The regulation of Veteran-Spint

Boil up your boring days with the addictive 3D driving game that is Veteran-Sprint. Use the controls to drive your car to reach the finish line safely.

If you have a dream to drive a pickup truck and experience the adventurous terrain yet, join this game now. Control your car to the destination safely and complete the level. Use the control buttons on the screen to control the car to go straight, stop, accelerate, or turn left or right. In order for the car to safely pass the slope, you must click on the fuel tank to accelerate. You can activate the acceleration when your fuel tank is fully charged. To be able to go straight, you have to press the forward button. Use back off when you want to go back. At some high levels, you have to skillfully use turn left or turn right. You can finish the game when you get the car to the finish line safely. Try to complete the challenges as quickly as possible to get a high score.

Complete Veteran-Sprint levels and buy new vehicles

All levels

You have a lot of levels in the game. The difficulty will get challenging as the level boosts. You must successfully get to the destination to complete the level. The roads will have more slopes, more bends, and obstacles. You have to stay awake so that the car doesn't fall. If your car deviates from the track, you lose and have to re-level.

New vehicles

After completing a level you will get some coins. You can unlock a new car with that coin. However, you need at least 2000 coins to unlock a new car. Once unlocked, you can pass more levels and conquer more new paths.