Eggy Car

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Eggy Car sparks your day with fun driving gameplay. Hold the steering wheel firmly and take your car through the uneven terrain to keep the egg on the car safe.

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These days, there are countless famous driving games that many people know about. It can be mentioned as Drift Hunters, Smash Karts, Moto X3 Bike Race Game, Drive Mad, Eggy Car, etc. Among these games, Eggy Car will be probably the game with the most interesting and different gameplay compared to other driving games. So what is an Eggy Car? This is a type of vehicle and type of business in Brazil. However, in this game, this is your main vehicle. Many people think that it is so easy to conquer this game. However, is this true? This game not only requires your superior driving skills, but it also requires the ability to keep balance. The details will be discussed in the information below.

Run smoothly on the road

Have you ever delivered eggs? It's very hard to transport eggs in a car on a rugged road and that is your mission in Eggy Car. The eggs are always easy to break, so you must keep the eggs safe on this road. Whether your driving car skill can balance the egg? It's better to reduce the speed when you must be through the slopes.

Your car seems too old and it is not very well equipped to pass over the road with unforeseen potholes. Your car does not have brakes and the trunk is not equipped with sturdy panels. Sometimes, the car can drift on its own when traveling on steep and slippery terrain. Therefore, you can only move forward or backward or leave the steering wheel to stop the vehicle. Unfortunately, due to not being securely fixed in the back of the car, your egg will get smashed easily. As you know if an egg is dropped, it will break. If it breaks, the game is over and you have to start over from the beginning. Besides, you can see the control icons on the screen. Press and use them flexibly and skillfully to balance the vehicle. Take your car through checkpoints to pass a specific number of distances and set a new distance record. Another equally important task is to collect coins and support items on the way. You can activate egg mode or collect more coins with those items. If you want to keep the record with a high score, you need to go as far as you can. Continue the game to beat the previous record and set a new record for your own and accumulate coins. So what can you do with the coins you've earned? One great thing is that you can use them to unlock new and better cars. Those cars can help you conquer many new roads. This is exactly an affordable choice for Easter or enjoying during your holidays at home.

The way your car moves

  • On computer

Let's press the W key and the RIGHT ARROW key to move forward

You can use the D key and the LEFT ARROW key to step back

  • On mobile phone

Control your car by holding on to the buttons on the screen

Eggy Car Unblocked

Now let's talk about Eggy Car Unblocked. This game is often played at schools or offices so that students can relax during recess. Surely this will be a fun time for them to refresh their spirits and give them the energy to enter new lessons. Game effects and gameplay are also extremely suitable for young children. Therefore, parents can trust and let their children play at certain time frames. So are you curious about the game's record? You can achieve the longest distance about 100m or more or you can also stop at 1m. The record is up to your car driving ability. The game does not have any finish lines. You just need to take your car through the checkpoints, and rough roads to get a high score.

The tactic to conquer Eggy Car

To have a good result in a game, tips and tricks are something that you cannot ignore. Each player will draw their own experience and tips to get the highest score. Here are some experiences that we would like to suggest to you.

  • First and foremost, you need to control the car slowly to keep the egg safe in the car. Don't be too fast or greedy to extend your distance. Your goal is to keep the egg alive as long as possible. Therefore, be skillful and slowly move your egg.
  • Balance is the key in this game. You must protect the egg from shaking or unusual movements caused by difficult paths. The egg will easily fall if you move too fast or too slow.
  • The next tip is that when going through booster items, remember to collect them. They will help you get through bendy roads easier or earn extra income.
  • Fourthly, it sounds ridiculous but it is better for you when you release your finger and let your car move on its own when it comes to steep slopes. As mentioned before, the eggy car is not equipped with brakes. Therefore, you cannot brake them until they stop on their own. If you drive the car too fast or move too slowly in this position, your egg can be in danger.
  • If you can, you should just move forward instead of moving back. Sometimes, the sudden move forward and backward also causes your egg to fly off the car.
  • Last but not least, you can overtake cars faster in order to collect blue diamonds. The egg will be protected and disabled for a few seconds. Then, you need to slow down when the egg returns to its original state.

Are you intrigued by the game's graphics or effects? If you say yes, why don't we mention game effects? With vivid sound, clear images, unique car models, and rhythmic winding slopes, these factors have created an irresistible attraction for every player.

Eggy Car with little-known facts

The interface of the cars

What do you know about Egg Car? It is undeniable that you can easily come across a number of models available with eye-catching interfaces in the car category like a car, a truck, a bus, and more. However, in order to take them, they cost you some coins. You will be given a normal red car. With 500 coins in your pocket, you can unlock a truck while the value of the bus is up to 1000 coins. New cars will help you go further and collect more coins. To conquer a longer distance, you can't help but buy a new car. Each vehicle can only be unlocked once. You can customize your favorite cars after unlocking them. Each car has its standout and strengths. Unlock new cars to help you advance more than previous cars.

Some things support you along the path

During your journey, you may encounter some boost items such as magnets or blue diamonds. Each path will have a variety of blue diamonds. With blue diamonds, the egg on your back will transform into a ghost egg and fly floating in the air. Thanks to this, it can avoid bumps and bumpy terrains without fear of breaking or falling. However, you can only use this function for a few seconds. After a few seconds, you will return to the original state. Also, pay attention to the magnet symbol on the line. The magnet will help you attract the coins in a small area on the road.

Game development history

As one of the favorite and widespread driving games nowadays, it is impossible not to mention its developer. This game was successfully created by Beedo Games and invented in February 2019. You can easily control it on platforms like desktop devices and mobile devices like phones, or laptops. Thus, you can enjoy this game when you stay at home or go out. As long as your device is connected to the Internet.

The difference between the mobile version and the computer version

The mobile version is updated and added many attractive features such as landscapes and special modes. The scenery in the game will change from countryside to city, from fertile fields to barren deserts. Modes like time mode and survival challenge are also open to you. In time mode, you need to get the eggy car to the finish line in the fastest time possible. And of course, it will break if you go too fast. In survival mode, you need to conquer as far as possible.

The best choice for a driving game

If we say that this is the best driving game of all time, it is an exaggeration. However, it can be affirmed that this is a great choice, especially for driving car game fans. The cartoon graphics are also an outstanding factor that attracts many young players. The game's creative animation colors will give you fancy viewing angles. When you are thinking about what to eat for your breakfast, enjoy eggs in the Egg Car.