Uphill Climb Bus Driving Simulator Sim 3D

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Summary of the playing rules

Challenge as a bus driver in Uphill Climb Bus Driving Simulator Sim 3D. Get your car to the finish line safely to complete levels and unlock new buses.

Have you ever become a bus driver or a taxi driver? This game will give you the opportunity to show off your top driving skills. In this offroad driving game, you need to control your bus through the twisty roads to bring the passengers safely to the finish line. However, the roads are not as easy as you think. You may even fall off a cliff, or lose your way. To avoid these, you need to pay attention to the map in the left corner of the screen. It will show your location as well as the checkpoint you need to stop. Follow it to avoid getting lost. You can see the green checkpoints. When you drive your car to this point, your passengers will disembark and you will complete the level.

Buttons to drive your car

Use WASD keys or the ARROW keys to drive your bus

Use the L key to pause

The C button is used to use the camera

The P key is used to activate the handbrake

Modes and levels of Uphill Climb Bus Driving Simulator Sim 3D

The game has 3 main modes including classic, time challenge, and free roam. Each mode has its own unique characteristics.
In these modes, classic is freely available to players.

  • Classic mode offers 10 small and varied levels. The goal of this mode is to get passengers to the checkpoints safely. After you pass these mini-levels, you can unlock new buses.
  • The time challenge mode will require players to reach the finish line in the shortest time to achieve a high score.
  • In the final mode, you can wander to see on the road without paying attention to the checkpoint or the time.