Earn To Die 1

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Common points of Earn To Die 1

The principles

Participate in a simulation racing game in the apocalypse that is Earn To Die 1. Drive the car to overcome all zombies and go as far as possible.

Zombie-themed games have always been of interest to many gamers, and so is this game. You need to find a way to get past all the zombies and run as far as possible. In this game, you are one of the survivors in the city. You need to overcome a horde of zombies to find a way out of this city. You only have a few days to complete the challenge. Every day, you need to control the car through the bumpy roads, potholes, or the wandering zombies on the road. Try to pass through them and go a long way to earn a lot of money. However, your vehicle is not full of fuel at all times. The challenging day will end when it runs out of fuel. At that point, you need to use the money you've earned to go back to the garage and upgrade your car. Then, return to the game to play the next challenging day. You will clear the game after completing all the days. Will you become a survivor to get on the helicopter or will you stay to make friends with the zombies?

How to drive the car

Computer: Use the WASD keys or ARROW keys to move

Mobile phone: Tap and hold on your screen

Notes about Earn To Die 1

All challenging days

You will have 38 challenging days in the game. After 38 days, if you can get through them all, you can get on a helicopter to leave the city. However, every day you need to pass a certain distance. You will start the game on day 4. The higher the challenge days, the higher the difficulty of the game and the length of the distance. However, after some days, you can unlock a new car or new features of your car. You need to do your best to get through the days successfully.

Vehicles in the game

You can unlock some new cars in the game. They are a taxi, a bus, and an off-road car. Each new vehicle requires an amount of money to unlock. Unlock it to get an extra useful vehicle for your journey. After unlocking new vehicles, you can upgrade them in the garage to conquer the game more easily. Each vehicle will have unique characteristics and abilities. Experience all the days and you can discover special things.

Upgrade each part of the cars

You can upgrade 7 parts in each vehicle such as the engine, gearbox, wheels, zombie kit, gun, boost, fuel, etc. After unlocking new cars, you can also unlock new car parts and features. For each part, you will have a certain number of updates. For example, you can update fuel or gun 11 times. You have 3 times to upgrade the wheel while you only have 1 time to upgrade the zombie kit. You will need to spend more money for each later update.