Five Nights At Freddy's 1

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Common points of Five Nights At Freddy's 1

Experience the thrilling moments in the horror game that is Five Nights At Freddy's 1. Jump into the game and try to survive after scary nights at Freddy's shop.

Are you a person of steel or a coward person? This point-and-click survival honor game will help you answer that question. Join the game and become a store security guard. You don't need to move to any positions. You just need to survive after the shifts to 6 am and in 5 days. You will sit in the office and observe the activities of the Animatronics. You cannot go out of the room. However, you can close the door to protect yourself, monitor them from the camera monitor, and turn on the hall lights to check if the Animatronics are outside. The Animatronics will try to break into your room. If you are intimidated by them. You will have to replay the game from the first day. Fuel will also gradually run out. If the fuel is run out, the camera and all lights will turn off, and the doors will open. At that time, Freddy will appear and you will die. At the end of the game, this is also when your energy is running low and Freddy will jump out to scare you. Unless you survive to 6h, you will die. Using lights, closing doors, and using screens consumes a lot of your energy. However, you must use them to support your game. After surviving to 6 hours, you can jump to the next day. The game gives you several days. Try your best to pass this goosebumps challenge.

Notes about Five Nights At Freddy's 1

The developer and platform

This game is one of the hot games developed by Cawthon. It was announced in September 2015 and released in January 2016. You can play on electronic devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, and Macs.

All days in the game

This game brings you 5 days similar to 5 different levels. You can easily survive the first night. However, the following nights, you need to be much more careful and focused because you can easily be scared by Freddy or Animatronics. Besides that, the fuel will easily be more exhausted than at the early levels. After completing 5 main nights, you will get a star and come to the 6th night. The level of this night will be much harder. After completing this level, you can unlock the custom night mode. At that time, you can change the difficulty level of the Animatronics freely. The time of each night is more than 8 minutes and over 4 minutes for mobile devices.

The Animatronics

There are 6 animatronics in all including Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Fox, and Golden Freddy. Each animatronics will have its own movement. They will find a way to sneak into the office. Try to detect them in time and close the door to prevent unusual action from them. You will have to repeat the challenge from day one if you get scared by these animatronics.